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Harnessing evolution for the next generation of cell therapies

Cell therapy has enormous potential to cure cancer and other diseases, but current methods cannot identify gene enhancements easily, are limited, costly, and have low translatability...
What if there were no boundaries to cell therapy? 

Unbiased evolution with CLASH™ unlocks the infinite potential of immune cells to cure solid tumors

Cellinfinity's unbiased evolution platform CLASH™ transforms cell therapy performance by offering: 

Speed to discovery

CLASH uses machine learning to edit up to 20,000 genes in cells

Precise and replicable

Site-specific edits allow increased precision


Select winning genes across multiple assays

We've used CLASH™ to discover universal gene enhancements



Novel gain-of-function genes



Novel loss-of-function genes



Novel modifications to CAR design

"Additional genetic modifications beyond expressing antigen receptors on T-cells in the setting of adoptive immunotherapy are required to endow immune cells with functional attributes to overcome the solid tumour microenvironment. CLASH has identified a series of gene enhancements that substantially enhance the power of immune cells to kill cancers. We are rapidly advancing these next-generation engineered cells towards the clinic.”

Margo Roberts, PhD

Former CSO of Kite Pharma and Chief Scientific Advisor at Cellinfinity Bio

Introducing Supercharged Cell Therapy™

Powered by multi-gene enhancements discovered with CLASH™ 



Increased solid tumor killing


Supercharged CAR-T and CAR-NK cells™ are programmed with several gene enhancements that increase potency, persistence, penetration and memory, allowing enhanced efficacy against solid tumors 

With CLASH™ we are continuously discovering new enhancements that open up the infinite possibilities of cell therapy

Join us In building the next frontier of cell therapies

Welcoming partners, team members, and investors

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